Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment comes across us as a treatment method used in order to repair and rescue the infected or decayed teeth. The steps applied during root canal treatment are as follows: Firstly, the soft tissue pulp and dental nerve in the natural cavity known as the root canal within the hard tissue of the tooth should be removed. After this, the inside of the tooth should be cleaned and then the opened cavity should be filled. If the tooth decays that should be treated are not treated in time, these will progress deep into the tooth. This progression causes inflammation of the dental nerves located in here. Inflammation of the dental nerves causes the patient to experience severe pain. The tooth nerve removed from the tooth is a very necessary application for the patient not to suffer from pain. The dental nerve is a sensory nerve used to perceive hot and cold. If the problems that occur here are not treated, abscesses may occur with the infection occuring in the tissue surrounding the tooth.

Pain After Dental Root Canal Treatment

If same tooth of individuals, who have had a root canal treatment, become infected again, it is required to say that the treatment performed was unsuccessful. It may take weeks, months or even years to realize that root canal treatment was unsuccessful. Symptoms of unsuccessful root canal treatment: signs of infection such as color changes in tooth, which had the root canal treatment, abscess or swelling in its gingiva occur. It is very important to treat such symptoms because if these are left untreated, the infection may spread to other teeth. Even after a successful root canal treatment, it is quite normal to have toothache after the treatment. But this pain should go away in a short while. If the pain does not go away and continues to increase, it is required to consult a dentist.

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