Smile Design

Smile design has become a method preferred by patients with many methods, especially with the advancement of technology and scientific studies. Smile design is the most preferred application of aesthetic dentistry applications. Smile design; is the correction of teeth and gums that deface the aesthetic appearance due to some reasons according to the face shapes of the patients and to give them a appearance that become beautiful in their most natural state. Smile design, which comes across as a multidisciplinary approach, is an application that has emerged with the use of many applications together.

How to Make a Smile Design?

Regarding the smile design, it is very important to understand the aesthetic expectations of the patient very well and to determine their needs very well. Measurements are taken from the patient’s mouth and the models are prepared through these measurements. The problems are determined in these prepared models and the necessary plannings are made. Later, the temporary restorations prepared in the computer environment according to the patient’s mouth and face in the most realistic way are presented to the patient’s taste and submitted to his/her approval. The treatment is started in case there is a positive return obtained from the patient regarding the Smile Design. After the plannings are completed, if there is no need for orthodontic treatment, firstly the level disorders in the gums are corrected. If there are missing teeth, implant procedures and other surgical applications considered necessary are planned and these are carried out first. When all these processes are finished, teeth whitening can be applied and composite fillings can be made in order to repair visual disorders. Porcelain laminated or zirconium veneers can also be preferred instead of composite fillings. They are more costly applications. The patient is rehearsed for its position in the mouth at necessary stages and the process continues upon receiving his/her approval. Sometimes, medical aesthetic applications are also used during the smile design. Smile can be brought into the forefront by making applications such as dermal fillers etc. to the lip and facial areas.

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